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Society of Neuroscience 2022 Exhibit was a Success!

Our first annual meeting exhibit was a huge smash!

We're excited to share the positive feedback and enthusiasm we received from attending the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) in November. Our CEO Alan Carpino shared, "The meeting had an incredible turnout -- over 30,000 attendees. It was great to meet so many people working on cutting-edge research in neuroscience."

SFN is a global industry leader that brings its members and key players together from industry, academia, research, government, policy, and clinical care, intending to explore neuroscience's potential for treating certain cancers.

At Targeted Bioscience, we are doing our part in the new era of personalized medicine. In close collaboration with researchers, clinicians, and governing bodies, we are developing new immunotherapy-based products to deliver safe, personalized medicine.

It is always an exciting time to share our latest products. This year especially. We debuted our Acculift Spatial Profiler, which will become the new standard in spatial profiling and digital pathology. The AccuLift system is a Spatial Biology profiling platform that offers all the power and capabilities of cloud-based digital pathology in one easy-to-use, comprehensive software suite. The system was designed to be intuitive and powerful while providing the level of sophistication needed by today’s most advanced pathologists. The AccuLift Spatial Profiler is a game-changer in digital pathology!


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