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Targeted Labs Pro

The AI Platform Powering the Future of Science and Personalized Medicine

Connect your images, data, and applications

Targeted Labs Pro connects your entire lab ecosystem through a future-ready platform that integrates with all your technology, giving you the flexibility every lab needs.

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Laboratory Integrations

Scanner Integrations

Targeted Labs Pro by Targeted Biosciences platform works with every leading WSI scanner on the market today.

LIS Integrations

Targeted Labs Pro's open API centralizes all your pathology data in one place, making it more accessible and driving insight into your routine practice.

Computational Application Integrations

Launch any AI application from the Targeted Labs Pro platform and power computational pathology at your organization.

Powerful image and workflow management is at the core of Targeted Labs Pro.

Image Viewing and Analysis

An intuitive whole slide image viewer and customizable data fields enable robust image review, search, and annotation.

Sharing, Collaboration, and Consults

Share research, perform remote consults, and conference in real time from any location.

Workflow Management

Lab-defined workflows standardize and automate image-based processes to drive efficiency and quality across the lab.

Data Management

Powerful image and data management available on-premises or in the cloud with features that include mass data import and archiving.

Targeted Lab Pro System Workflow

Unlock unique molecular signatures down to the single-cell level.

Targeted Spatial Molecular Profiling for Precision Medicine

A digital pathology ecosystem for integrated multi-omic analysis

AI-assisted data analysis and sample cross comparison

Comprehensive analytical tools to accelerate informed decision making.


Move faster on a cloud-based enterprise pathology platform

Spend less time managing high volumes of pathology data and more time focused on your work. Scalable and flexible cloud deployment options are available for research and diagnostic teams of any size. Targeted Labs Pro-hosted cloud is:

  • Fast to deploy, and can be up and running in just days upon completion of contracting and professional services.

  • A fraction of the cost and effort of customer-hosted on-premise or customer-hosted cloud.

  • Compliant and secure with 24/7 monitoring, and near real-time alerting and response.

  • Scalable, allowing you to automatically scale up or down in response to your workload.


Moreover, Targeted Labs Pro ensures HIPAA-level security measures, safeguarding sensitive data and providing peace of mind for our enterprise clients.

Targeted Labs Pro is the cloud-based foundation for Targeted Bioscience’s software solutions.

Targeted Labs Pro

Enabling anatomic pathology laboratories to achieve 100% digitization and deliver faster, more precise results

Targeted Labs Pro


Driving efficiency and insight across the drug R&D value chain, from discovery to development.

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Ready to learn more?

Discover how a platform approach to digital pathology is the true foundation for your lab's AI-driven future.

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